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Adopt KOO the Koala


Hi all !!

This is my first attempt to create a LEGO buddy and I really wanted to share it with all of you.

Please join me to welcome KOO the koala in the “Brickheadz” family.

Last October, we went for the first time to Australia and no need to say that this country is amazing not only for its friendly people, not only for its gorgeous landscapes, but also for its so diverse fauna. We came back by mid-October and a couple weeks later wildfires were all over the place. Fueled by extreme temperatures, they may have taken a tremendous toll on wildlife and KOO lost part of his home.

Once back, I had the idea of this LEGO set that could bring our Koala buddy directly to your home.

The right place for a Koala is resting on a strong branch of its favorite Eucalyptus tree. That’s why KOO is not seating on the ground like the other members of the “Brickheadz” tribe but really in the middle of a Eucalyptus Forest. High above ground, because of its rotating neck, Koo will watch you wherever you are when displayed in your room or on your desk.

I used standards LEGO bricks, but a special printed tile or a nice sticker will add some information and have KOO become a perfect UKS (Unique Koala Set 😉).

If you like it then let’s go !! A quick 10000 votes and the set could become reality for all young kids and less young kids.

KOO is really eager to join your family 😉

Thanks a million for your support. Can’t wait for your comments

234 pieces are needed to bring KOO to life and to create a landscaped information panel

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