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Sopwith Camel: First World War Aircraft


The iconic Sopwith Camel was so named because of the ‘hump’ created by the gun breech covering its twin Vickers machine guns. While its predecessor, the Pup, was a docile machine to fly, the Camel had to be treated with utmost respect until mastered. One side-effect of its powerful rotary engine was a significant gyroscopic force which tended to pull the aircraft to one side. This had the benefit of giving the Camel a very tight turning circle, which could be utilized to great advantage in a dogfight.

I find that it is useful to have a personal set of 'quality standards' by which I judge my models. My criteria for a successful build are as follows:

  • The aircraft should be recognizable as a specific type by the average aviation buff. I also hope that, if you look at the model from a distance, you should recognize the aircraft type before you realize that it has been created from Lego, e.g. “Nice Sopwith Camel, oh wow! it’s made from Lego!”
  • The model should be aesthetically pleasing in its own right
  • The colour scheme should be accurate, or at least believable
  • The model should be as robust and strong as possible without compromising the ‘lightness’ and delicate charm of aircraft of this era
  • The scale should be accurate in comparison to the (head and shoulders of the) pilot figure

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