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Settlers of Catan


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Catan is a game of strategy, skill, patience, and a little bit of luck. So obviously I'm very bad at it, but that didn't stop me from building it.

The Catan game I built is made up of 1989 bricks, and is playable. This game is also bump-proof (More on that later).

My version of Catan includes all of the pieces except for the resource and development cards (19 terrian tiles, 19 terrian holders, 18 water terrian tiles, 6 water terrian holders, 18 round number tokens [Chits], 9 trading harbors, 4 building cost cards, 16 cities, 20 settlements, 60 roads, 2 dice, 1 robber, 1 longest road token, 1 largest army token, and a partridge in a pear tree. [Partridge not included]). The water terrian holders don't have numbers to tell you which one locks into which, but instead different shades of blue.

There is a bump-proof system, by having pegs on the bottom of all the cities and settlements (See picture 5), a round plate on the bottom of all the terrian tiles (See picture 11), a stud to stick the chits onto every terrian tile (See picture 12), and open studs to stick the roads onto (See picture 1). The terrian holders can also slide in to each other (See picture 10), and although it could get annoying, it was either that or have the board all one big piece.

This set took me a few days to complete, but it was worth it, and I hope you think so too.

Please support this and some of my other board games such as Sorry, Parcheesi, Chess, and Scrabble, and you should also check out those other Catan games on this website, because there are a few really cool ones.

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