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Racing Trucks Set

Get ready for the exciting truck race. The drivers are ready, the cameras are aimed at the modern trucks, and we are about to start the upcoming race.

I had the idea for a new set. I'm a fan of the LEGO racing cars, but I think they are missing great racing trucks. Many people love these fast racing trucks and watch the races on TV every weekend. I built a set of 920 LEGO bricks.

The racing trucks:

The trucks have been widened, aerodynamically optimized and the engines are full of power. Perfect for the racetracks of the world. The drivers have modern instruments in the cockpit. The fire extinguisher is ready for emergencies. The drivers give everything in every race.

Next to the racetrack:

The well-known light signal goes over the racetrack and is ready for the upcoming start. In addition, the race director has an overview on his grandstand. There he can wave the checkered flag for the winner. There are also radios and other important items for running the race.

The two team bosses watch the race from their cabins. The displays provide data on the condition of the racing trucks. Further ahead, the cameraman has the best view of the racetrack. The modern camera transmits the images to the fan's TV's.

A podium is also available for the winner's party. The reporter is already waiting to interview the winner.

Why did I build the set?

I am a fan of racing cars and motorsport. The sets from LEGO are great in the field of motorsports. But I think the racing trucks are missing. That's why I built this medium-sized set. It should be a playset and also a set for the showcase. Children and adults will have fun with the trucks.

Why would people buy the set?

The LEGO racing cars are very popular by the boys and girls. But adults also collect the vehicles. That's why I think the racing trucks will also have a lot of fans. You can add the trucks to your collection of racing cars in this way.

I look forward to your feedback and hope very much for 10,000 supporters. Please share this set with your friends and people on all channels.

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