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Scorching Salamander


The Scorching Salamander patrols its volcanic domain searching for its next prey, using deadly lava-soaked claws and a fireball-throwing tail to swiftly strike.

Approximate Parts Count: 690
Functions: Crawling legs, swinging tail, launching fireball tail, snapping jaw
Inspiration: Bionicle Rahi, Pewku (crawling function)

The Scorching Salamander (a.k.a. the Lava Thrall) is part of a series within the Bionicle Biowave Project, but to abide by submission guidelines, I am presenting this as its own individual set and will not be sharing the others in the series simultaneously using LEGO Ideas.

With the cancellation of Bionicle and the mixed reception of the Star Wars Constraction sets, themed animal sets like these would present an opportunity to revitalise Constraction; but would also bring back the renowned and loved style of Bionicle's 2001 Rahi, which this set has been inspired by.
I suspect the old Bionicle parts used for the limbs would benefit from being replaced with CCBS pieces, but aside from that the set is commercially viable.

The set also comes with many functions, which I will leave a video demonstration for here:

You can also see the set being built here:

Again, please take note of the disclaimer when watching these videos.

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