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Mount Yeti Adventure

The Premise:

A surprise lies ahead for our intrepid mountain climber as he scales to the peak of this mountain. A mythical beast, the Yeti stands frozen in time, holding its favourite ice pop. What will happen when the beast is freed after years of captivity? Will it chase the adventuring mountaineer away from the snowy summit? Or will he be eager to share his frozen treats with a new friend? The answer of course with anything Lego, is that it’s completely up to you and whatever is the most fun!

Why I built It:

This set came about after I recently decided to build dioramas for some of my collected Mini-Figures from over the years. By random, I picked the Mountaineer and Yeti from series 11 and realised that it would be more fun to build a story of these 2 together, rather than have separate stories for each.


For the mountain, I wanted it to have a ‘climb’ so there is a pathway from the base to the peak that the mountain climber has to scale. I love building rocky terrain out of slopes and it was fun to try and keep this as organic looking and aesthetically pleasing as possible. I used 3 shades of Lego primarily. Dk grey for the base which then turns to light grey as you get higher, turning to snowy white at the very top. The trick was to have these ‘blend’ as you go up so the transition isn’t just a harsh line.

I built the mountain on top of a small rocky base. This is to imply that this build is just a ‘slice’ of the top and that the actual mountain could carry on for many more hundred feet bellow. At the very top of course lies the surprise find and I’ve built in a function where you can release the Yeti by pushing the highest peak, which is In fact a secret lever that breaks open the ice prison.

The set comes in at 705 pieces. I wanted to build something that came in well under 1000 bricks to appeal to everyone, not just master builders. I’m very happy with the results. I think as well as being an enjoyable build, it also creates a scene that promotes play.

This was built and rendered in Studio. My next goal is to build for real and take photographs. I’m sure there will be tweaks and changes along the way.
As for the Mini-figures, it would be great to have new versions of both rather than completely re-use the originals from series 11. Even if it’s just slight colour tweaks or body prints. I would personally like to see the Mountain Climber wear warmer clothes and if I can source those I shall update the set accordingly.

I really hope you enjoy what I’ve built. It’s been a long time since I last submitted a Lego idea and there will be tweaks along the way no doubt. I look forward to reading any constructive comments and hope the concept intrigues you enough to support! Thanks!

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