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LEGO Time Factory- Calendar


LEGO rocks the world, even the time!

This calendar includes 3 parts mainly: The box in the left side contains 15 plates, each plate has 2 numbers on both sides so adds up to 30 days per month, spined by the handle. When spin the handle, plate loops within the box, thus day increases 1 by each half spin circle. The box is connected by technic parts axle and gears to the year clock in the right side, where the pointer finish one circle after 12 months. The year clock is divided into 4 seasons, indicated by 4 colors covered 1/4 circle. The third part is "LEGO rocks" theme decoration, where, Lego Man and Women run the Calendar and rule the time. Above platform is the control console, the lower chamber is to show how the machine works, for maintaining and fixing as well.

you can check my youtube to see how it works:

I hope you enjoy my upload and remember "Time is money, my friend!"

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