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Intergalactic Citizens πŸš€


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Intergalactic citizens to the moon and far beyond it πŸš€! This is a non-ip idea based on exploration group of space citizens exploring and documenting aliens worlds.

The Human figures:

They come with tools to collect samples and precious minerals as well as document the evidence. As well as repair their equipment.

General roles as follows:

Mineral/sample extractor, investigator/scout, ship voyage capitan, engineer, unstucker/refueller, photographer/researcher
The Ahylmaos:
Wielding wands of technology
The rear Door
Notice the ship has suspensions for it's landing legs. This allows the set to have a really dynamic land-impact when rested on a surface.
Beyond the rear door is the safety room with seats with strap-down bars for safety. Alarm lights are depicted as off and on with different transparent colors.
The Front of the ship with the cockpit at the top and the closed cargo door at the front.
Inside the Cargo room
The terrain transverse vehicle can fit here snugly. On the side is a ramp leading to a small toilet room.
The top of the ship has a panel that can be easily dislocated to reveal the cockpit interior (controls).
The terrain vehicle. Can fit up to 7 seated people.

Current Project Parts: 1490

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