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Grand Candy Shop


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Who can make the sun rise? Sprinkle it with dew? The Grand Candy Shop can! The Grand Candy Shop can!


Presenting my second modular building: The Grand Candy Shop! This massive architectural masterpiece has three floors, a back patio, and has 1659 pieces!!!



Minifigures: Owner, Janitor, Mom, Boy

Floor one: [Actual shop, candy galore, stairs to second floor]

Floor two: Owners apartment [bathroom,kitchen, stairs to third floor]

Floor three: Owners apartment[bedroom, patio]


On the third floor, did you notice the five statues? Each one represents a period of Lego minifigure history.

[Left to right]

1.[1970] Spaceman

2.[1980] Townsperson

3.This minifig represents all minifigures

4.[1990] Medieval knight

5.[2000] Lego City fireman

I liked this idea because it gives each one of us something to relate to from our childhood.

Please help me make this set a reality!!!


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