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Garfield - Jim Davis' Loveable, Lazy, Lasagne-Craving Cat!

Hating Mondays (and Nermal), pushing Odie the dog off the table, eating (lots of) lasagne, quaffing coffee and always humiliating his long-suffering owner Jon Arbuckle - Garfield has been entertaining fans for over 40 years, first in comic strips, then in books, plushies, mugs, TV shows, videogames and a couple of movies! Probably the most famous cat on the planet! (Sorry Nala!)

I built this model for the "If we could turn back time" Lego challenge, but thought it's worth putting up on IDEAS as well - you never know.

This model is based on his earlier appearance, as Garfield's creator made quite a few changes in to give Garfield a wider range of motion... according to him, this was basically make it easier for him to boot Odie of the table!

I've deisgned it with a few customisation and posing options. His eyes can be swapped out to give a range of expressions and pupil positions. His head can be rotated and his arms (legs?) and paws/toes can be posed... Whether he could push Odie of the table... who knows!?

Thanks for looking, and hopefully supporting. I love reading comments and feedback, and always enjoy exploring the models other IDEAS builder create.

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