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Honey I Blew Up The Kid!


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          Based on the movie Honey I blew Up the Kid, my set shows the ever frustrated professor failing in his expiriment to increase the size of his test subject, but accidentaly succeeding in affecting the size of his son, Adam. The set features the growth ray station, two minifigures, several moving parts and, the piece de resistance, the giant Adam. The entire set is fully posable, including the growth ray, the control station, and the giant minifigure. All parts are also quite sturdy, and withstand play. 

          I put many hours of work adding both detail and funtionality to my project. The lab is all one conected peice, or can be split into smaller pieces, with many studs to place a minifigure on. The giant minifig is in the resemblace of an actual lego minifigure, and is really quite light. The main segments are hollow on the inside, being supported by crossbeams built into the walls. All apendages are detatchable and comepletely posable, adding to the playability.

          I hope you are as interested in this project as I am, and i am sure many people woudl enjoy it.  Please support, follow, and share!  :-)

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