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Treasure Island (Working Functions)

Hello treasure hunters and welcome to Treasure Island!

Treasure Island is a small island in the middle of the sea, inhabited by the islanders.
They have lived on this island for a very long time and guard their precious treasure which is hidden inside the mountain.

The riches of the island have already spread around the world, which attracts many treasure hunters.
As well as the two researchers "Arthur Adventure" and Ricky Risk".

But there are only 2 entrances to the cave and also to the treasure. A small side entrance is on the south side and is closely guarded by the islanders.
This seems far too dangerous for the two researchers and is not an option.
The second option, the main entrance to the cave is closed by a heavy door.
To open it, the mechanism of one of the two torches must first be found and activated.
Only then does the door open and the two researchers gain access to the cave.

Inside the mountain, the two await many obstacles that need to be overcome.
At first they have to cross the ruined staircase without falling into the pit full of poisonous snakes.
Second, they must patiently pass the rotating swords that are triggered by activating the torch.
The third and last obstacle are the swaying tree trunks, which have to be crossed with skill.
Only after overcoming these dangers, the two friends finally arrive at the islanders' precious treasure.

- Sliding door at the side entrance
- Mechanical lock of the door (torch)
- working door at main entrance
- Snake pit
- working swords
- working tree trunks
- Removable roof
- modular sidewall
- The chief's hideout
- cage prison
- Fireplace
As a child I loved the Lego world of pirates, knights and islanders.
However, there were mostly only small treasure islands, which were quickly conquered.
With this set, I wanted to create a treasure island that offers a great adventure through a variety of functions and traps.

The treasure is coveted by both pirates and knights and can be easily integrated into these worlds. Researchers and treasure hunters can also go on a search just as well.

With the secrets, details and technical functions, the set offers a lot of fun when building and playing.

I hope you like this set and I would be very happy about your support!

Let's go on a treasure hunt 😊

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