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HSBC Main Building, Hong Kong (1:265)


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“Many buildings are statements of confidence in the future, so they are inextricably linked to the political processes which generate their need, and some of that is really highly symbolic. The Bank was certainly no exception. It was a very considered move, as a vehicle to enhance the prosperity of that particular bank, which has since moved dramatically into the world league. But it was also a symbol of confidence in the future of the colony.” Norman Foster, lecture at Glasgow Royal Conference hall, 8 May 1997

Completed in 1985, HSBC Main Building has been and will always be a milestone in architecture history. The design has won it countless awards and an irreplaceable place in Hong Kong's famous Victoria Harbour skyline. Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of this remarkable building by making it an official LEGO product!

Proposed features:

  • Authentic replica of the iconic structural bridges
  • Lion statues at the Bank's entrance
  • Famous Feng-Shui cannons on the top of the building
  • Sunlight mirror suspended outside the building
  • Hong Kong's famous tram, double-decker bus and taxi in the same 1:265 scale

*Proposed product includes only HSBC Main Building, the other buildings in the main picture are for reference only.

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