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Spy vs Spy is a wordless comic strip in which two stereotypical spy characters are trying to best each other. To this end they use the most imaginative and complicate methods in order to secure their victory. The strip was drawn by the Cuban artist Antonio Prohias and made its first appearance in MAD magazine in 1961.

Spy vs Spy became a phenomenon that inspired cartoons, video games, toys, commercials and even a board game. Despite their popularity they however never made it to a LEGO set. This is where I wanted to pick up the glove and create a model that pays tribute to our two famous mischievous characters.

For this model, I tried to capture the two spies in a smaller set, while retaining their cartoonesque appearance. Although later cartoons were more colorful, I chose to go with just black and white to emphasize the rivalry and stay true to the first strips drawn.

Parts used: 443
Width: 8.9 in/22.6 cm
Depth: 4.5 in/11.3 cm
Height: 7.7 in/19.5 cm

Note: The last image is a 360 view.

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