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Modular News Studio (Tv 6+)


This is my latest model, the Modular News Studio!

This is a 4 floor building, which I made because the minifigures of Lego city have a distinct lack of tv. It was ment to be a complete Tv Station, but the size meant that I had to limit it to just the News Studio and head office. It is packed with fun.

  • Ground floor- The ground floor has two areas, the reception and the security office. In the reception there is a desk with a computer clock and telephone, a photocopier under the stairs, and some seats with a pot-plant and a water-cooler. The security office has a clock, computer, CCTV screens and a tranquilizer-pistol.
  • First floor- On the first floor is the News studio and a dressing room. The news studio has three cameras (two handheld, one with a teleprompter), a desk with two presenters behind it, and two camera crew. The desk has two plates where the logo of the News studio will go (TV 6+). The dressing room has a dressing table with mirror, a hairbrush, hand-held mirror (magnifying glass), perfume bottle (purple oilcan), and two pots of makeup (powder and lipstick, maybe?). A brick built sign out the front says 6+, but it may be swapped with a printed element with the whole logo.
  • Second floor- the second floor has three areas. The first area is the editing studio, where three people work on their computers to get the news done well. The next area is the Boss's office, which has a clock, a computer, a clipboard and his morning tea. The third area is a small office where a journalist works to get his story done. He has a camera.
  • Third floor- the third floor has two areas, the archives and a balcony with the air-con systems on it, plus a ladder to the roof.
  • The roof- On the roof there is an satellite dish, and a helipad.

There will be eleven minifigures in this set.

Please support, and comment any praise, questions or minor criticisims so that i can better inform you about things and fix problems.

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