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Playable Motorcycle Race Simulator


Boost your motorbike skills on this playable simulator!

The two motorized treads send obstacles toward the motorcycle. The treads are at different speeds which give the game an element of surprise. The motorcycle is controlled by an arm which in turn can be controlled by a turning joystick or remote control.
If you stay on long enough, you can upgrade to a better bike and rider. There are 3 levels.

This project features:
2 treads
3 motors
2 battery boxes
1 remote control
1 receiver
1 tower
1 section for fans
3 motorcycles
3 racers
1 official
1 checkered flag
1 camera to monitor progress
5 cones to dodge
2 cylinder barricades

To see it in action, watch the short video below.

You can also customize your own barricades to dodge.
Please support this action-packed game and make it a reality! I think that LEGO needs some fast-paced playable games!

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