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Dead-Shot Bike Chase


I am a big fan of DC comics, and wanted to create my own Lego set involving Green-Arrow. I want to become a Lego model designer when I grow up. I thought that a good way to help me start this career was to put one of my Lego ideas on I wanted to create a vehicle for Dead-Shot so I could have more fun with the Minifigure. I chose a Motor-Cycle Dead-Shot to ride in. I wanted the theme of his Motor-Cycle to involve shooting because Dead-Shot specializes in guns. On the front of the Motor-Cycle, I made a big gun with three barrels. The top barrel is able to turn giving the gun on the bike to aim better in motion. On the back of the Motor-Cycle, I made two shields to protect the back wheel in its fight with Batman and Green Arrow. For Batman, I made a big Jet pack that holds two small guns to fire at Dead-Shot. I involved Green Arrow with his small bike because Green Arrow is also one of Dead-Shots villains and also because Batman would need help to stop Dead-Shot from causing trouble. Please vote for this Lego set that I worked really hard on. I hope that you like my idea for the Dead-Shot Bike Chase. 

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