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Japanese Village



This project its based on a small japanese village,in the era of old Japan. It features a river,whit a bridge,a small japanese style hut,a rice plantation and a Karate Dojo(and most important,a hidden Ninjutsu Dojo bellow the Karate Dojo.There are 2.949 pieces included. To make this project,i relied in buildings of the Ninjago line and some other japanese style buildings,such as Dojos and houses.

Individual model sections

Every section of the model are removable,to get easier access in every part.They are:

  • The Karate dojo's first floor,second floor and roof
  • The Rice plantation
  • The conection between the Dojo and the rice plantation
  • The roof of the small house


There are 12 minifigures included in this project,and they are:4 villagers,4 samurai warriors and 4 karatekas(each karateka has its own outfit,hidden some where on the village

I hope you like this project.If you think the idea its good and like it,please follow and support!Thank you to read!

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