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Puzzle with Sheldon Cooper



this puzzle is my newest Lego projekt.

Can you help Sheldon the whole legendary elements to sort in the living room?

The task here is to make the character Sheldon on one of the thirteen point in the living room and then to place around him the other nine legendary elements. Since you can make Sheldon to the various points in the living room, there are thirteen different solutions to this puzzle to solve. Try to find all thirteen solutios.

  • suitable for children and adults ( from 8 years)
  • spatial thinking is promoted
  • very of gameplay by thirteen different solutions

This Lego-Set contained:

  • living room with bookshelves
  • minifigure Sheldon Cooper
  • 9 puzzle pieces, each with a legendary element from the "The big bang Theory" Lego-Set



I would be glad if you like my project and support it.

Thank you for looking.

And always remember, Sheldon would rather not give up until he has all thirteen solutions found!

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