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Pac Man


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As we all know, Pac-man of the 80's was extremely popular and became one of the worlds best arcade games of the golden age. The little Pizza-inspired fellow loves chomping on Lego Pac-dots,  and eat all the annoying brick ghosts.

I built this model to make builders young and old to recognise the addictive game and bring it to life in 3D with Lego! I have made this build of mostly SNOT techniques (Studs Not On Top) and attached bricks in interesting ways! I encourage builders to recreate and reorganise this build into many different patterns and situations for Pac-man to get himself into!

I believe this little set would be great to have on display to make everyone remember the game that changed the world! I have included parts from the game to build. Model includes:

1 Blinky

1 Scared ghost (blue)

1 Pac-man

1 Cherry

15 Pac-dots

2 Maze tiles

1 display plaque 

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