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Land Rover Photo Expedition


This is my version of the classic and famous Land Rover Defender. Comes in 2 colours, yellow and dark green, both with white roofs. They are complete with big terrain tyres, roof rack, bullbar, spare wheel and auxilliary lights.

The cars are in minifigure scale, and seats 2 minifigures. There are 4 minifigures added to this set, 2 in each car.

These cars are known for it's terrain driving qualities, and i have therefore added some equipment for a photo-expedition to remote areas, such as the African savannas or south American rainforests.Each team consists of 2 minifigures with tents, campfire, food in a crate, coffeemugs and a gas cooker. They also have cameras for video and photos.

This set can be further extended with brickbuilt animals and more equipment like showels, weapons, axes, chairs and tables etc. This set has a lot of playing value for both boys and girls, and the cars are strong and sturdy yet still simple to put together.

I am thinking that this will fit into the City range of sets, maybe starting a new theme witin the City series.

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