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Danish Steam Locomotive ABA 42

Danish steam train ABA 42

On our narrow gauge railway with a gauge of 1 meter run also vintage trains also run. The Vintage train club has a narrow gauge 1C1 (262) coupled tender locomotive and, among other things, two passenger cars and a parcel post wagon all of which originate in Denmark.


The steam locomotive and wagons originated from the County Railways on Als, ABA, whre there was a system of narrow gauge railways on Als from 1898 to 1933. They branched off from Sønderborg in Southern Jutland to terminus in Nordborg, Mommark and Skovby all on the island of Als.

The steam locomotive ABA 42 was built by Stettiner Maschinenbau AG, Vulcan, Szczecin, Germany in 1927 with construction number 3867.

Probably built in 1924 and bought 1927 from Stettiner Maschinenbau. Frame water boxes, Heusinger control, vacuum brake, 2 Ramsbottom safety valves. Sold 1933 to Greifenberger Kleinbahn 42. In 1945 to PKP Twn 1-3635, later PKP Tyn 6-3635. Retired 1974 and joined Muzeum Kolei Wąskotorowej, Gryfice, Poland.

Length: 7.25 m.
Service weight: 25.4 tons
Empty weight: 20.2 tons
Boiler pressure: 13 atm
Drive wheel diameter: 0.85 m.
Coal: 1 tons
Water: 2.5 m³

The steam locomotive is exhibited at Muzeum Kolei Wąskotorowej, Gryfice, in northern Poland.

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