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Coffee Cup Secret Coffee Shop

This is a Venti coffee cup with a twist! This cup is designed to look like a life-sized, regular coffee cup from Starbucks, with cardboard sleeve and lid included. If you put it on a shelf or on a desk as it is, other people may not think twice about it, and may even mistake it for the real thing. However, this coffee cup contains a surprise.

This coffee cup is actually a minifigure-sized coffee shop! The bottom of the coffee cup can swing open and reveal a barista, ready to take the next customer's order. If you lift the lid of the coffee cup, you'll find that it's on a hinge, and opens up to reveal a seating area for the coffee shop! Here, there's two sisters enjoying each other's company as well as some of the drinks that they purchased downstairs.

I created this set out of a desire to take a typical, familiar object, creating a life-sized version of it, and inserting a LEGO surprise inside. Coffee cups, especially the white cup with brown paper sleeve design that Starbucks sells, are a widely recognized object, and hard to mistake for anything else other than containing a hot beverage inside. Therefore, it's a fun idea to have a copy of this regular object made entirely out of bricks, but then surprise people. The idea of making the cup into a coffee shop makes a lot of sense to me, and a cute way to show LEGO characters living their lives around life-sized items.

I think that this would be a great LEGO set as it combines surprise and utility. As mentioned, this would not look out of place on a desk or a shelf, and makes a great gift for any coffee lover. Then the surprises inside evoke a sense of play into an object that otherwise would be mundane. In addition, I think this idea category - a life-size object revealing minifigures living in them - contains a massive amount of potential, and a coffee cup is just the beginning. Also, there's nothing stopping a LEGO fan from popping this cup onto a baseplate, and integrating it into their LEGO city, giving this idea even further utility

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