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My idea is a chessboard with pieces needed to swap the colours of the tiles, along with several colours on the chess-pieces themselves. I built it because I thought it would look nice, and I think that it would become a good idea due to it being customizable and following the main idea of Lego, that you can rebuild it how you want it yourself.
The red area next to the chessboard is for placing the chesspieces once they've been eliminated.
The chess-area is supported on 4 legs that can be removed if they are in the way, or isn't standing on a flat surface.
The first picture is an edited pattern with pink and blue with white studs ontop.
The second picture is the regular colours on a chess-board and studs with the same colour as the tile they're on.
The third picture contains all the pieces to change the colour of the board, along with the eliminated area.

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