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The Bus Stop

I wanted to pay homage with this sculpture to everyday workers and students who have experienced a small moment of bliss, daydreaming in the rain, while waiting for a bus. My focus was to create something small, and coming in at 316 pieces this model can fit on just about any shelf.

There are small details found all around the model. An owl rests atop a luminous lamp post. A frog idles next to a puddle in the wet grass. A squirrel shelters his treasured acorn under the back of a dark orange tree. Transparent blue glitter tiles act as runoff water mixed with dirt. The water runs into a drain hidden beneath the walkway. Tree roots dance around the base of the tree. One long root, outstretched beneath the pavement, elevates the sidewalk panel beneath the dark green bench. Transparent blue hoses mimicking rain drops run down the ceiling where a sand blue plate resembles stormy clouds. A lone figure, standing under the protection of his dark umbrella, has his thoughts illuminated by the light coming from the lamp above.

Using an LED inside the lamp should create some unique light reflections with the raindrops and will beautifully illuminate any space. Thanks for taking the time to look through my project and I thank you for your support!

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