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A New Species?


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Voice record on 211125

This specimen is unique in the large family of arachnids, born from plastic and metal. It is hard to say how it evolved this way, we can't know for sure if there are other specimens like him or her (we have not succeeded in definition of gender). We've been thinking that this spider-like creature is dead, and started to dissect it for more information. But, in an unlikely way - while we were on break - it reassembled itself. Not moving now, not doing anything now. I will try to make contact with it somehow, to see if it is alive or just got a rebuilding mechanism after death (anything is possible now). One thing is for sure: If it is not a robot with a carefully built design despite the tissue material, there is no living thing like it?

Follow-up question, can a mech represent life? Let us find out.

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