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Brooklyn 99 Precinct

I have really enjoyed creating the Full Precinct of Brooklyn 99 and have been keen to submit this proposal in time for the launch of Season 7 on Netflix.  There are so many fun extras to this scene and I have loved introducing some new characters to my lego collection and have enjoyed creating a working vending machine, sliding lift doors and also a photocopier with moving features/printer and kitchenette.  This is such a popular show and I know this would be a huge hit for so many Brooklyn 99 supporters, not least as there are so many extra scenes that could be developed from this one central precinct.  You will see I have also included some Halloween shots just to give the idea !

Characters : Jake, Amy, Charles Boyle, Gina, Captain Holt, Terry, Hitchcock, Scully & special new figure, Doug Judy.

Rooms : Bull Pen - main hub with desks, chairs, filing cabinets and kitchenette with oven, dish racks and food.  Welcome desk behind authentic railings as per the show.

Break Room - Working vending machine with soda cans !, Coffee table & chairs and decorative flowers.  Shelf too !

Briefing Room - Classroom desks for double students, lecturn, TV and wall mounted filing drawers.

Captain Holts office - mahogany looking desk and cabinet.  Filing cabinets, umbrella stand, decorative flowers, chess board & candlelight.  

Copy Room - opening filing cabinets, photocopier with lifting lid, printer and stationery.

Interrogation rooms - viewing window between the two rooms/interview desk with handcuffs at the ready.

Holding cell - ready for convicts !

External wall - I have designed an original wall covering with the title Brooklyn 99 for the external wall of the precinct - I think this gives it a real American feel and gives it a WOW factor.

I really hope you will like this idea and please feel free to support it - I have loved designing it.

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