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StackerZ MiniZ improved design

Upadated 27/02/12
After having some comments about access to the minifigs inside I have now changed the design slightly. I have added a completely removable front with a handle for easy grip. I tried to hinge it but it wouldnt work due to when the front opened it would hit the other stackerZ around it. It also left gaps which I didnt want as it lost its clean look.

This is a mini version of my original StackerZ project. Please see my projects for details. StackerZ allows you to display your Minifigures neatly stacked in any direction. It also includes the StackerZ CornerZ which is an end display (diorama if you wish) for you to decorate to fit in with your theme. Just like my original StackerZ you will be able to get them in other colours to match the theme of your Minifigures. One minifigure will fit per case. They clip together and then you stack in any direction!

The idea is to have different colours available so they fit in with your theme. A few examples are ie:
Grey - Star wars/Castle
Blue - Underwater
Tan - Desert/ Indiana Jones
White - Non specific so could be used for anything to give a sleek modern look.

The StackerZ MiniZ are 4x6 studs as opposed to 6x6 studs on the larger StackerZ in my other project. The standing area inside is 2x4 studs but does open out due to using panels rather than bricks and most figs stand in there comfortably.
It could even be a possibility to maybe have some sort of stickers for the back panel behind the figure.

I hope you all like this project and if you do please vote as we are long overdue for some neat little cases for our prized minifigs.
Thankyou :)

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