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WipEout - FEISAR FX400

Welcome to WipEout Pulse!

The FEISAR (Federal European Industrial Science and Research) FX400 has exceptional handling, and has proven to be tough competition to the other teams. This particular model features in the WipEout Pulse game. Featuring in every instalment of the WipEout series, this recognisable craft is a favourite amongst fans.

  • 423 pieces (with stand) / 405 pieces (without stand).

  • Built using Dark Azure, Bright Light Blue, Yellow, and white to capture the sleek design and colours of the ship. (Bricklink colour names/IDs).

  • 37 cm long, 16 cm wide, 13 cm high (with stand), 8 cm high (without stand).

  • Open canopy by removing 1x2 cheese slope and 2x2 slope.

  • Custom stickers with FEISAR logo on 3x3 round tiles on each wing.

The last image has a mock-up of a possible sticker/print for the white stripe along the front sides of the ship, the issue with a sticker here would be that it would go across multiple pieces unless there were lots of little stickers.
Of course, there could be many more stickers to add to the look, which you can see by following the first link below to see the original design in-game.

Thank you for your support and have a great day!

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