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Comic Store and Arcade


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Hi everyone, I present to you all my latest project proposal, A comic store and arcade.

This modular building features three stories:

The first level is the comic store, which features three shelves which hold comic books and action figures, as well as a checkout desk where customers can purchase their comic books and action figures. A chrome-finished classic spaceman takes pride of place in the comic store. Outside the store is a large sign which is printed with the stores name and next to the sign on the left and right are some large superhero and monster statues to add to the comic book store feel.

The second level is the arcade, which includes a skeeball table, a gumball machine, arcade machines and many other cool gaming machines.

The third level is an apartment which is furnished with a fireplace, a bed, some tables and other nice apartment features.

Each level can be separated from each other.

Also included is 7 minifigures (excluding the statues). 

Overall, this set proposal features over 1900 pieces.


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