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Utopian Society Versus Dystopian Society


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All humans strive for a perfect world, but can it be achieved?
My build showcases the differences between a utopia and dystopia.
Utopia means good place and no place. Meaning it is a great place but is so far impossible.
Dystopia means bad place. Unlike utopia, a dystopia can happen.
Yet in the future maybe someone figured out how to make a utopia.
Who knows? Anything can happen.
I built this for the LEGO house contest and decided to submit as a product idea.
This would be a great educational set.

The theme of a dystopian world or society has been a key part in many books and movies. Books like The Giver and City of Ember include a world that has a dystopian feel. In trailers of upcoming movies and TV, I have seen a dystopian world or thought process.
In shows like Netflix's The Unlisted and Disney's The Mysterious Benedict Society (mostly in season 2) or FreeVee's Alex Rider, they show dystopian type events and the down sides of it. Even some music videos like for KING&COUNTRY'S The Proof of Your Love featured a dystopian like place underground.

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