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Western Saloon

Hi everyone,
I present to you all my latest Lego Ideas project, which is a Western style Saloon. I have created the front section of the saloon and a wide open space to represent the saloon's interior on the other side. The front of the saloon is your typical style western building, and features many brown and nougat pieces to portray a building which is made from wood and bricks. Out the front there is a cactus, a few barrels of dynamite, a scorpion, a wagon wheel, a pig, a Cobra, a small water tower, a bush and a cowboy sitting down who has clearly eaten too much. I have also included a Sheriff and his horse to enter into the Saloon to search for wanted outlaws. On the roof is a cowboy, and the centre of the roof is decorated with a dart board and axes to convey that this building is a place to play a number of games such as pool and cards. The Saloon doors also swing open to allow minifigures to enter. On the inside of the Saloon there is a number of seats for cowboys and cow girls etc. to sit down and enjoy a meal, a drink or a game of cards. There is also a pool table, a place to get food and drinks, and an organ which is used by the members of a band to play a hearty jig. 

I hope you all enjoy my latest creation as much as I do. I would love to reach 10,000 supporters and get Lego Western sets back on the shelves. 

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