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Grand Piano


Thank you for checking out my LEGO model of a grand piano! I was inspired by the simple elegance of the upright piano build included in 10255 Assembly Square, so I decided to try out my own design for a larger, more detailed grand piano. This idea was made almost entirely out of bricks from my local LEGO Store's Pick-a-Brick wall. The model features a swinging lid with prop, a 40-note keyboard, three elegant sculpted legs, pedals, a wide piano bench, a sheet music stand, and beautiful golden strings.

The piano is an instrument that is appreciated by people of all ages, around the world, including fans of many genres and eras of music. I've enjoyed playing the piano and building LEGO as hobbies since I was very young, and I felt this model was the perfect blend of the two. If you enjoy the piano and would like to bring it to life in your LEGO collection, please consider supporting my Idea!

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