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The Ultimate Garage Man Cave

Hello to all the LEGO lovers and fans out there!

For my creation I have designed and built a garage man cave. This project includes a toolbox, workbench, shelving unit, table and chairs, mini fridge and a 2x4 brick wall used to hold up the wall-mounted builds.

The first item I built of this project was the red toolbox. It was originally designed to have the look of a toolbox but the drawers wouldn’t open. The second version of the toolbox had the bottom two drawers operable but not the top two. The third version had all the drawers operable and after trying multiple techniques and basically taking the entire toolbox apart, I came up with the final model that has three drawers and the top piece opening upwards.

The second item I built was the workbench and upper cabinets. I started by building the upper cabinets which set the width of the workbench. The cabinets were quite simple to build until it came to the doors. I wanted the cabinet doors to be operable but also have a clean seamless look. It took a few attempts to achieve the appearance I was looking for. Lastly I built the base cabinets, work surface, vice, pegboard and light to complete the workbench.

The next items I built were the shelves and mini fridge. I filled the shelves with standard garage items such as car rims, extra drinks and boxes with seasonal items. The mini fridge is filled with cool refreshing drinks for hot summer days. Once the shelves and mini fridges were built, I was able to build the tv that hangs on the wall above the mini fridge.

The final item of the project was the table and chairs complete with dinner and a drink. After building the table and chairs, I put the final touches on the project. This included the stereo, clock, spider, floor mat and stool. This project took me several hours over the course of a week to build with many re-designs.

Thank you for taking the time to view my project. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are. Happy Building!

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