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Hi, everyone!

I am Kuan Fu (冠甫 林).  This is my project.  My idea is to build the biggest Lego Idea set so far.  Browsing the Lego Ideas website, I can see most of the projects are small, so I told myself I had to build the coolest and the biggest sets.  Also, I has been playing Lego for 13 years since I was 5 (I got my first Bionicle sets.  At then, I did not quite know what 6-12 is meant. Please forgive me...).  I not only has seen various Lego pieces and different structures by reading the Lego instructions, but also look at other people's MOCs.

When you see my idea, you can see its beautiful legs which is mostly made by Technics pieces.  I had participated some Lego robotics competitions (racing) when I was in Taiwan.  Although I did not win game, I got the best design price.  So I wanted to put my talent into this project. 

Actually, when I was young, like most of the little master builders, my dream was to work in Lego company.  I loved the building process specially when I had limited pieces.  Limit can improve creativity; that is what I often told myself.  Unfortunately, most of my bricks are in Taiwan right now, because I moved to America in three years ago.  If I want to build thing, I used LDD.  Sometime LDD did not work properly and I really wanted to give up, but I still did it.  I finish this project?

I do not know, but I want leave the answer to the voter and the Lego Group.

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