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Ghost Vessel

This is my idea for a lego vessel: 2546 pieces for a huge ship more than 25 in long!
The picture doesn't show the 12 sails (4 big square sails, 6 small square sails and 2 triangular sails) because I didn't find them in LDD (LegoDigitalDesigner).
This ship has 4 decks, the first is on the bottom of the ship.
Many skeletons decorate the sides and the back of the ship.
The real beauty of this ship is the playability: it includes many features that I'll explain in the next pictures.
Please comment and ask me whatever you want to know about the vessel!!

Here you can see the back of the ship with the large lantern made of human skeletons and the other small lanterns on the sides.
Both the two walls that close the back of the ship (the one with the transparent red glass and the one with the two windows above) can be opened downwards just to have access at the inside.
You can notice the helm that can move to left or right and the big skull on the top.

This section shows the inside of the superior decks: there are three "parts" that are simply removable, the one with the stairs covers the four gunners above, the one with the table and chairs covers the lower room (it is removable from the back of the ship) and the last (the plate 6x8) covers the deck on the top.
The lower room is the captain room (here is not shown), and contains a table with a chair and some small objects just to decorate it.

The whole rear part of the ship can be simply removed to have acces at the "underground", the lower part of the ship that contains a small jail with openable door, a store for barrels and some crates, ten gunners (all gunners, 18 at all, are removable) and the stairs to reach the upper deck.
Even in the front part of the ship there is another removable "part" made just to have access to any gunner in this deck.
There are also two anchors that can be lifted by turning the two proper "levers" on the main deck (in the front part).
Each gunner has the proper "door" that can be noticed on the side of the ship and there are also two flights of stairs to let the sailors get on board.

This is the ship seen by the top: it has three masts with 12 sails (the sails should just be attached to the proper pieces).

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