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The Rethar Watch Lookout Tower

     This build is a watchtower which the Rethars (the aliens in black, who are part of a group called the Rethar Watch, who protect their home planet from any danger) are watching for danger there. There are several watchtowers stationed around their base. They keep a close eye on crime across their planet, Racktor. This build comes with one Rethar Commander, equipped with duo blasters and a jetpack. He also has two Rethar soldiers, who each have a thermal detonator and a blaster rifle. They are fighting the Krax, a group of terrorists set on destroying the Rethar Watch and taking over the planet. This build includes one Krax Commander, armed with a plarnoc blaster and a double-bladed ray blade. He has three Krax warriors equipped with a plarnoc blaster and ray spears with him. The Krax hope to slowly take over the Rethar Watch by taking over all the watchtowers and then destroying their base. But, the Rethar Watch isn't going to let that happen. 

      Thank you for looking at this build. I know that this would be an amazing lego set that kids and adults alike would enjoy. Please support and tell your friends about it! Thank you! If you like this then check out my other builds at:

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