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Classic Space Delta VI Megabot Tracker Mech

When poor maintenance of a Megabot leads to it wandering off, the Megabot Tracker jumps into action!

To assist with this dangerous job, the tracker is equipped with a Delta VI Astro-Stalker movement frame. All so the tracker can locate, disable, and return the Megabot for repair and maintenance.

The Delta VI Megabot Tracker includes a combination of classic and modern styling. From the Megabot styled after robots found in sets like 6891 Gamma V Laser Craft to the classic leg articulation of sets like 6882 Walking Astro Grappler, but combined with modern joint articulation. The design of the Delta VI is also meant to be a modeled after a classic space minifigure, with the helmet dome, visor gap, and air/fuel tanks on the back.

The coloring of the Megabot is chosen to imply significant corrosion and weathering while the Delta VI's coloring is meant to use classic space coloring in a more dynamic way, from the dark gray 'hardened' core structural elements, to the white 'ceramic paneling'.

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