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Bionicle: The Return - Toa Hagah Gaaki

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For years, people have been making up ideas as to what the Toa Hagah that guarded Teridax till his betrayal looked like. LEGO only sold two of these figures in their Toa form, and again, along with the rest, in their Rahaga form. But what did the others look like in their original form.

Say hello to Toa Gaaki.

During the Time before Time, Gaaki was a member of a team of Toa, dedicated to protect the Makuta. Though she dedicated herself to learn and translate ancient texts, she was one of the more skilled of the team. Her abilities with a staff beat everybody else, but her temper cost her many duels. Even so, Norik had faith that she would become better.

Now, she is one of the four remnants of the Toa Hagah. Now the leader of the team, she is afraid that she will fail. But Norik didn't pick her as his replacement for nothing, as years of fighting have taught have taught her the importance of patience.

She is now a member of the CGT (Council of Glatorian and Toa). She represents the Toa of Water, and has needed to interrupt a feud between Glatorian and Skrall many times.

She also is the director of Water Arts, a theatrical performance of grace and beauty, She directs those with both Water and Ice elements in the beauty of their abilities, teaching members to perform what is considered as the best performance on Spherus Magna.

These are the last four of the Toa Hagah: (left to right) Gaaki, Pouks, Kualus, and Bomonga. Can they find new Guardians, before the Unknown destroys Spherus Magna?

Below is Chapter 3 of the new Bionicle series.

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Bionicle Chapter 3: Fear

It has been twenty days since the scout team left to inspect the crater. There has been no word.

Of all the Toa, Gali is the most anxious of them all. So, to ease Gali’s conscience, Tahu invited her to a performance of Water Arts.

Gali: I thought you didn’t like Water Arts.

Tahu: Don’t be ridiculous. I think it’s a fantastic thing they do. As they say, “A gracious piece of art.” I just prefer a more… a stronger performance.

Gali: Their performance is strong.

Tahu: That’s not what I mean. It’s too peaceful. I prefer something that tries to make me jump.

Gali: I understand.

As they walked into the cavern, Matoran and Agori began cheering. Tahu and Gali waved to the crowd, and went to find a seat.

As they were sitting down, Toa Gaaki came up to them.

Gaaki: And for what do we owe this fine pleasure.

Gali: You know very well why, sister.

Gaaki laughed.

Gaaki: Oh, don’t make me laugh to hard, I’m too old to support myself.

Tahu: Then sit with us.

Gaaki: Oh, no, I can’t. I’m leading the performance.

Gali: You always lead the performance. Won’t you at least watch your accomplishment?

Gaaki: Maybe next time.

Male: Isn’t that what you told me?

Tarix had walked in on the conversation.

Tarix: Sit. Have one of your assistants lead.

Gaaki: Next time. It’s too late for me to change my mind.

Tahu, Gali, and Tarix: Fine.

Gaaki then started walking down.

Tarix: Next time, then. I’ll force you if you don’t.

Gaaki: Alright!

The three heroes laughed, and then looked at each other.

Tahu: So, how’re things in Tajun?

Tarix: Busy, but nice. Your technology has helped us greatly. And we couldn’t have done it without the Matoran.

Suddenly, a hissing sound surrounded them as water was poured onto the torches throughout the stadium.

Tarix: Well, gotta go.

Tahu: Who’re you with.

Tarix: It’s more who am here to see. Talk with you later.

As Tarix walked away, the floor of the stadium parted to reveal a pool. In the pool, you could see people moving into position. After a few seconds, the entire stadium grew quiet.

Two Toa walked to the edge of the pool opposite each other, and began to make hand movements. Then, they swung their hands to their right, and two tentacles of water began spiraling slowly to the top. For five minutes, as the water climbed on, others performed dances in the water, shaped flowers, and many other stuff. A few Glatorian were using their tools to take water with glowing algae and decorate the floor with a beautiful green.

Then the spiraling water reached the top. Two Toa of Ice, a male and a female, swung down from the monkey bars at the top, and landed on the water, freezing the tip to stand on it. They then grabbed each other’s left hand, and began to slide down the spiral while freezing the water in front of them. When they reached the bottom, the stopped and stared at each other. They then grabbed the other’s left hand with their right, and threw back their heads. As they did so, the ice turned to powder, and fell. Even the ice under them fell apart. As the two ice Toa fell into the water, the water dancers jumped into the pool. As the water splashed up and landed on the edge of the pool, a ripple of color ran across the water, showing a beautiful, glowing water marking.

Many other performances were like this, all of which beautiful. After three hours, the performance was over, and the crowd began to disperse.

Tahu: Shall we?

Gali: Sure.

They then left the stadium, and Tahu took Gali to the West Wall. As they were walking across it, they talked about the days of old, of their lives on Mata Nui.

Suddenly, Gali noticed a small figure out in the plain. She ran to a Matoran on guard duty, and snatched his telescope.

Tahu: What do you see?

Gali scanned the valley, till she saw who she was looking for.

Gali: It’s Gelu.

Tahu: So their back?

Gali lowered the telescope.

Gali: It’s only Gelu.

Tahu looked at her for a second. Then he took the telescope, and looked in the same direction.

Tahu: Where are the others?

He then lowered the telescope.


The Matoran and Agori ran to open the gates. He then looked at Gali.

Tahu: He just collapsed. We need to get over there.

When they got there, Gelu was trying to crawl to the city.

Gali: Gelu! Are you okay?

Gelu laid on his side and looked up at her.

Gelu: Gali.

Gali: What is it?

Gelu reached out his hand. In the palm was a little green heart stone.

Gelu: Lesovikk said he’s sorry.

Gali slowly took the heart stone. As she stared at it, tears began to fall down her face.

Tahu: And everyone else?

Gelu slowly shook his head.

Suddenly, Gali felt a surge of anger rise out of her. She stood up and started running west. Tahu quickly grabbed her arm.

Tahu: Gali…

Gali: LET GO!

She tore out of his grasp and began running as fast as she could. But she couldn’t out run Tahu. Tahu pounced on her, and held her down.

Gali: Get off. GET OFF!

Tahu: Gali, calm down!

After minutes of restraint, Gali had spent off her energy, and she grew tired of resisting. She stopped fighting, and leaned on Tahu’s arms. As she cried, Tahu held her against his chest. They had been together for years. And now he’s gone.


Vakama: So, this Unknown is searching for the Great Beings.

Gelu: That’s right. And I don’t think she cares who gets in her way.

They were gathered together at the CGT. Gelu had just finished telling the leaders what happened on the journey, including the message the Unknown had for them.

Tahu: And no one else survived. This is one formidable foe we have here.

Nokama: Is there any other purpose she seeks?

Gelu: None that I can see. She didn’t even say why she is doing this.

Stronius: Do we even need to know? She obviously considers us a threat, else she wouldn’t have attacked them like that.

Takanuva: They attacked her.

Stronius: And she brushed it aside like snow. No offence, Kopaka.

Kopaka: None taken.

Stronius: She could’ve simply jumped in the middle and said that she didn’t want to fight.

Vakama nodded.

Vakama: That is indeed correct. But that is the past that never happened. Now, we must act from what did happen. Takanuva, go find Pohatu. Then start spreading word to the nearby cities to prepare for war.

Takanuva: Yesir.

And he was gone.


The Unknown walked through the small hut that she had just demolished. Idiot, she thought. For one who obviously has enemies, his defense is hardly that.

She was inside the hut of the ex-slaver, Sahmad. Apparently, a ten thousand years ago, two “gods” created by the Great Beings engaged in combat when the land was a dessert. Though his explanation of how the land was covered with vegetation was erratic.

Unknown: I’m going to need more information of that battle.


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