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Oversized Rubber Stamp and Ink Pad Seeking Your 'STAMP OF APPROVAL'

Discover the playful fusion of creativity and everyday objects with the Oversized Rubber Stamp and Ink Pad set!

Inspired by my love of printing and oversized art sculptures of everyday objects in the real world that bring a bit of magic to life and whimsy to the mundane.

The perfect display piece to show off your passion for LEGO. With bold, vibrant colors and playful backwards-reading letters, much like an authentic rubber stamp would have, this set is sure to be a fun, eye-catching, conversation starter. It’s silhouette is iconic and captures the tactile nostalgia of stamping for both adults and children alike.

In addition, the interactive experience of customizing the stamp head with various words, designs and pattens allows for a canvas of endless creative possibilities. You can even use this to stamp IRL with ink and transfer your creations on paper, post cards, you name it!

Please support and share this set with friends and family in hopes to achieve 10,000 votes and a LEGO ‘STAMP OF APPROVAL’!

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