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Peel P50 Model


This car is the worlds smallest car that was created in the 1960s and stopped the production in the 80's. The name of this magnificent car is a Peel P50 and it origionaly sold for anout 300 dollars in the U.K, but now it cost around 80,000 dollars for its rarity and authenticity it got about 100 M.P.G and went about 30 M.P.H . I have been wanting one for years but always have been quiet about it because I thought I would be laughed at. But more recently I have found thousands's of people love this car. So I have put my lego skills to the test on L.D.D and made a design. I am hoping for a long shot, if this design would to be a lego set I would then follow my dreams and buy one, and save up for a L.D.S mission and college. I am grateful any support I get.

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