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Bag End


360° Tour

First of all thank you very much for the incredible support so far!

I'm happy to finally present an update in the form of a 360° tour through Bag End. Click the image below to experience Bilbo's home from the perspective of an actual minifigure. To look around press LMB and drag the cursor across the screen or simply swipe with your finger when viewing on a mobile device. You can navigate to the next image by clicking or tapping on the small icons. Make sure to turn on the sound for some atmospheric music and sound effects! If you've got a VR-headset or cardboard goggles for your smartphone you can also experience the tour in 3D.

Many thanks to Renderbricks for rendering the images, putting together the tour and making it possible to share it with you and to tz_machine3d for setting up the scene.

Thanks a lot and have fun on the tour!

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