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Ancient Desert Outpost


Immerse yourself into ancient times and visit an ancient desert outpost, armed with guards and their commander inside. Sit down and watch the water flowing down the walls like a water fall. Practice some sword or spear fighting. Admire the architecture of the domed roof, or the statuary outside.

This set includes the outpost with the pillars, hand-crafted domed roof, minifigure sandstone statues that can turn 360 degrees, two guards with spears and copper shields, and the commander inside with a golden short sword and a spear, standing beside two curved swords. Don't forget about the water falls running inside the building (view overhead interior or corner shot), nor the torches outside of the building, lighting the entrance to the building.

This set attempted to design a roof style that went up step by step and finally into a domed top. The support for the roof is a bunch of arches lines up, coming from all four sides of the place where the walls meet the roof. This set also attempted to get another look at some ancient desert ideas and try to make more emphasize on decoration and classical techniques. This set also aimed on getting a look at interior decoration and some desert architectural styles from earlier times compared to medieval times or present day.

Things that could have been done better include a better roof design and a way to make interior pillars for added structural decoration on the interior of the outpost building, primarily in front of the waterfalls.

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