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Lego Cards !!!

This is the KING OF DIAMONDS, a playing card. I believe a whole set of playing cars could be done, although I don't have bricks at home that I can use to make them now. I built this because I like Lego collectible items so... what is more collectible than a card set? Included in the set there could be two pair of legs so two "twin" minifigs can be built too. JOKER (from DC series) could be... The Joker. The other cards (from 1 to 10) could be done with a lot of Lego Dots items (hearts, spades and flowers).

Thanks to Amedeo Pedata, a friend of mine and now co-author, we are adding al cards from Aces to 10s. In the next update we'll be adding Jacks, Queens and Kings. Hope you like it... If you do.. spread the link!

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