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Papa Smurf´s House

Welcome to the Papa Smurf´s house!
The Smurf´s house is built on the 48/48 plate. In the set there is only one house with a big chimney. Around the house there is a garden with some flowers and small and big bushes, as well as some barrels for water and waste. The set contains Papa Smurf and two other Smurfs.
 Inside the house there is a fireplace to make a fire and some wood next to it. Papa Smurf´s cupboard contains candles and potions. Opposite the cupboard there is a library with some books. Next to the door there is a wooden box with smurfberries and a table with some more potions. In the middle of the room there is a big wooden table with a candle and two ampoules and next to the table there are two stools. Next to the library there is a bed with a rug.
I made this set because LEGO company has not worked up Smurf's topic what is really a loss. Since LEGO company and Smurfs both originated in 1958 and survived up to the present days it would be brilliant if this Smurf's LEGO would become reality.   
The set is built of 3000 bricks.
[IP: Smurfs created by Pierre Culliford (PEYO)]

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