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London Routemaster Bus

The London Routemaster bus is recognised all over the world. This model is a small part of a new theme of models that I have designed around the CITY theme of models. It also fits in well with the CREATOR theme. With each set three alternative models can be built - Double decker, open top and single decker version.
The bus is an ideal way to display your Minifigures. The bus seats 23 Minifigures plus the driver and a conductor.

This is the open top version of the London Routemaster bus. There are seats for 13 Minifigures on the upper deck. The set that I have designed has a sixties theme. It comes complete with a driver and conductor and two passengers - a bowler hatted man in a pin-stripe suit with a rolled up umbrella and a young lady in a mini-skirt with a union jack umbrella. (It often rains in Britain)

This drawing shows how the bus can easily be opened up to allow access to all the Minifigure passengers. 10 can be seated on the lower deck. The upper and lower deck hold together very well without falling apart.

This is a 'Green Line' version of the London Routemaster bus. This type of bus travelled on some of the country routes around London.

This London Routemaster bus is designed in colours to celebrate 50 years of London Transport. Although the majority of London buses were red, many were painted in different colours.

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