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Cargotransport Landship


This landship is a gigantic vehicle which purpose is to transport large amount of cargo from A to B very efficiently. It can travel for weeks without having to refuel, it is able to withstand worst weather conditions in no matter what season, location, it will get easily through every terrain.
Simply said, it'll get the job done.
It serves as a storage on the go with lots of room to segregate the cargo. It has a ramp which can be lowered to allow vehicles onto it, to be later lifted by the big crane.
The crane can move back to forward through almost the entire length of the transport, and also side to side.
It has two levels, the first one featuring six big shelves for cargo palettes, charging station for the two forklift robots as well as the control room. The second level has space for eight big cargo containers.
A heavy truck is serving as a support transport for the big landship. As mentioned, there are two forklift robots which are made for moving around the cargo on the first level and outside the landship.
All the functions are easily controlled by the crew from the control room.

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