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Medieval Stables


The frightening knight was one of the most feared knights. Everyone thought he was scary, even the Fright Knights. One day when he competed in a tournament, there was one knight who was not afraid of him. She made him realize that being scary wasn't all he wanted to be. The frightened knight went on a quest to hide the fact that he was once known as the frightened knight. He grew a beard and outgrew his hair to hide his face. 

He built stables to live out the rest of his days with the knight he had met at the tournament. They had a son and lived happily ever after. But they couldn't help but keep their armour for when the kingdom needed them most.


The building has two parts. There are the stables and the house.

On the first floor, you will find a living area with a kitchen, a table, a staircase and a fireplace that extends through the roof. 
The second floor consists of two bedrooms. One for the child and one for the parents. The children's room has a bed, a nightstand and a rack where he stores his wooden weapons and armour. The parents' room has a bed, a nightstand, a desk for writing books and a passage upstairs to the stables. There is also a balcony.
In the attic is a place where the family can train in combat. The father also has a small room to practice his hobby, woodcarving.

On the lower floor, there is a place where horses can rest and a place to put the family's wagon. Which they use to move hay and wood. 
The second floor has one room. The library. One of the bookcases is a hidden door to the secret armoury. This is where they hide their past.

Why stables?
I love the idea of a place where medieval knights can rest their horses. I designed the stables so that they could fit with the bigger kind of medieval Lego houses. Just like the medieval blacksmith. This kind of house allows putting a lot of detail in it.

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