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B2LSS Space Ships

And here's another small space ship from the funky dad-daughter duo ( I'm going a bit stir crazy at home, I know).
This time it's Black Lego Space Ship (I'm also running out of names). As always I was given a task of building small triangle craft. And as you could guess this time - black to match the last space man from the set no. 6702, released in 1986.
This challenge proved to be a difficult one. I went through couple of different designs. I was aiming at something clean and smooth. Finally this is the smallest I could build.
The back wall is split and you can open it to reveal the inside cockpit. To have the pilot sitting in the middle and facing right direction I had to use a rotating plate 2x2.

Next challenge is double pink!

If you like this small craft, please have a look at the rest of small space ships I've build for my daughter.

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