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Leprechaun Hideout


                                                               Leprechaun Hideout

If you follow the rainbow it leads to the Leprechaun's gold.   I noticed that St Patrick's Day is an under served Lego theme, so I decided to try to fix that.  My first version was smaller and was only the treasure part of it.  When I started to make it again I thought two rooms would be better than one. This set has no door, but the roof does come off to play inside the set.  My idea comes with two Leprechauns and a whole stash of gold and gems.  It also includes a whole feast of food for the little green suited guys.  The set opens on a hinge on the back wall so that the interior is more accessible.  When the set is put together with the roof on, it looks like an earth mound with some flowers and trees growing out of the top of it.  It is the perfect hiding place.

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